This year, celebrate Valentine's Day with a twist. Enjoy a ballroom dance lesson followed by an evening of dancing, with live music provided by Skule™ Orchestra , Skule™ Stage Band and Skule™ Choir, and delicious refreshments from Hart House - all in the elegance of the Hart House Great Hall.

Moment is held in the Great Hall of Hart House, which is located at 7 Hart House Circle on the University of Toronto campus. Hart House can be accessed from TTC by St. George and Museum Stations. Nearby parking is available.


7:30 Reception
8:00 Dance Lesson
9:00 Dancing Commences with live music by Skule™ Music
11:45 Last Dance


Q. Who is Skule™ Orchestra?
A. Skule™ Orchestra was founded in 2006 as a way for musical engineers to continue their love of music throughout their university experience. Since then, we have grown to a 60 member, symphonic orchestra of string, wind, and percussion instrumentalists.

Q. What should I wear?
A. Semi-formal attire is appropriate for the evening. Be sure you are comfortable in whatever you wear! For maximum dancing comfort, shoes should have a non-rubber sole and stay securely on your feet.

Q. What does my ticket include?
A. Your ticket includes a dance lesson, live music by Skule™ Orchestra, Skule™ Stage Band and Skule™ Choir, delightful desserts, and a complimentary photoshoot. If you plan on going to dinner before the event, come back soon for details about exclusive details at local restaurants included with your ticket purchase.

Q. Where can I buy tickets?
A. Tickets are available here on the website. You may also purchase tickets at Engineering Stores (B720-10, basement of the Sandford Fleming building). Alternatively, you may buy directly from any Skule orchestra member.

Q. Who can I bring with a ticket for two?
A. Your ticket admits you and one guest, who can be a date, a dance partner, a friend, or anyone else. Moment is a positive space!

Q. Do we need to know how to dance?
A. No experience is necessary! A dance lesson at 8:00 run by Suzette Risto of Twylite Studios will teach you everything you need to know in order to dance the night away! If you miss the lesson, don't worry — dancing is easy! Just follow the lead of another couple!

Q. What music will be played?
A. After the dance lesson, live music will commence. This will include slow waltzes, and swing music performed by the Skule™ Orchestra, Skule™ Stage Band and Skule™ Choir, as well as a variety of recorded favourites.

Q. What if I already know how to dance?
A. That's excellent! You'll enjoy dancing the night away. Perhaps you might even be able to show off your skills during some of the faster dances.

Q. Will food and refreshments be provided?
A. There will be an endless array of desserts, teas, and coffee, as well as a fully stocked, fully licensed bar. Your ticket will also qualify you for dinner offers at certain local restaurants. Details of these dinner offers will be provided shortly.

Q. Do I need to bring a date?
A. Of course not! The live music is certainly enjoyable on its own. As well, the refreshments are so satisfying as to be worth the price of admission. However, a date is recommended in order to take full advantage of the dance-themed evening.


Why not extend the magic of your moment? This year, your ticket entitles you to exclusive dining offers at the following restaurants:


Tickets may be purchased at Engineering Stores in the
Sandford Fleming building of U of T, or online below.

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Moment, the Valentine's Ball would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors.